A Nijmegen based collaboration, aimed at developing novel drugs to treat COVID-19 and prevent future outbreaks of corona-related diseases.


Viral inhibitors

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While everyone seems to be occupied on developing a vaccine against COVID-19, Protinhi Therapeutics is working on another promising drug: viral inhibitors. Bernd van Buuren, CEO of the Nijmegen based biotech company, recently received a final go from Health Holland for PanCoroNed: a new collaboration between AviviaRadboud UniversityUtrecht UniversityLeiden UMC and Protinhi for the development of viral inhibitors against COVID-19. Over the past years, Protinhi worked on means against tropical infectious diseases, such as dengue, and is now deploying this expertise against the coronavirus: “With our background and joined forces, we hope to develop a means which inhibits corona and may even prevent a future outbreak.”

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Protinhi: Protease Inhibitor

Protinhi is a Nijmegen based biotech-company, developing broad-spectrum antiviral drugs. As a spin-out of Radboud University, the next logical step was to settle at Novio Tech Campus. Here they got acquainted with Avivia, one of the partners in the PanCoroNed collaboration.  


Another campus based company is working together with Protinhi in PanCoroNed: Avivia. They are an independent specialized pharmaceutical development company engaged in drug repositioning, repurposing and reformulation. Their expertise and capabilities are centered around the development of value-added generic drugslife cycle management of branded drug products, and complex formulation and CMC development of new drug products (NCE)


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