Chip Integration Technology Center

Without advanced packaged and integrated chips, we can’t live in smart houses, drive our autonomous cars or communicate through a 5G network. CITC develops packaging and integration technology for chips to provide solutions to societal challenges.


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CITC is a non-profit innovation center, specialized in heterogeneous integration and advanced semiconductor packaging technology. A place where companies research and educational institutes work together on bridging the gap from academics to industry and create new and better solutions. They offer access to innovation, infrastructure and education.

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Smart Industry Field Lab

The lab is one of the key capabilities of CITC and is a key differentiator for our customers. It facilitates our innovation programs and also supports the education programs through internships and MSc/PhD programs. Additionally the lab serves as demo and application lab for new types of equipment and materials. CITC has a Smart Industry Field Lab status, indicating that it is a place where industry and research organizations jointly develop, test and implement smart industry solutions.

In addition to our own lab facilities, CITC has access to lab facilities of our strategic partners TNO and TUD. This includes for instance the facilities of TNO Holst in Eindhoven and the Else Kooi Lab (EKL) of the TUD in Delft.

Developing a new generation of chips.

Smart world

CITC is a joint innovation center. Companies, research and educational institutes work together on integration and packaging technology. Chip integration and packaging includes challenges such as those presented by placing more and more chips and functions in a single package (also called ‘System in Package’ or ‘SiP’), high performance die-attach materials for power electronics and design and material characterization for RF devices. Therefore CITC brings device manufacturers (IDM), equipment manufacturers (OEM), material suppliers and system integrators together in pre-competitive joint innovation programs.

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