Staten Biotechnology

Staten is leading the next step in dyslipidemia management. Dyslipidemia is an abnormal amount of lipids or fat in the blood, namely triglycerides, cholesterol, or fat phospholipids. In developed countries most dyslipidemias are hyperlipidemia, i.e. elevation of lipids in the blood, and can be caused by genetic factors, diet, and lifestyle. Reduction of these lipids in the blood is known to have a positive impact in vascular and heart diseases. Staten is developing a human monoclonal antibody with a unique approach towards neutralizing apoC3 – a key molecule in dyslipidemia management – which reduces triglyceride levels and increases removal of atherogenic lipoprotein remnant particles.

Staten Biotechnology

Transistorweg 5J (Building M)

6543 AT Nijmegen

The Netherlands

+31 35 760 65 00


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