QM Diagnostics

To help our clients getting
the most out of our services, we provide a wide range of complementary consultancy services as well.

We believe that sharing our vast experience and our innovative spirit, with our clients and with our scientific partners, leads to
better diagnostics and increased certainty. Something we all, including the laboratory animals, benefit from.

Sharing knowledge has become part of our DNA, and it guides everything we do today – it is contagious.

QM Diagnostics

Transistorweg 5 (Building M)

6534 AT Nijmegen

The Netherlands

+31 (0)24 36 154 33


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Staten Biotechnology aims to develop novel and innovative strategies for the prevention of cardiovascular events, the largest unmet medical need in dyslipidemia.

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Enzyre will enable personalized diagnostics by developing disposable biochips measuring, in one drop of blood, multiple parameters of specific interest to each patient group, with higher accuracy and at lower costs.

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