Protinhi Therapeutics

We have discovered and patented a novel class of Geminoid protease inhibitors that target membrane bound proteases, such as viral proteases and metalloproteases. Our Geminoid synthesis platform combines a variable element for optimal selectivity and a variable element for localised or targeted delivery to the disease area. Our aim is to develop high quality candidate drugs to preclinical or early clinical stage and subsequently out-license or co-develop these with pharma or biotech partners.

Our initial focus, based on an existing collaboration with academia, is on inhibitors of membrane bound proteases involved in viral disease, in particular on Dengue. Further, Protinhi will target chronic (lung) disease such as the orphan disease cystic fibrosis (CF). The Geminoid synthesis and test platform provides us with a balanced risk as we can target multiple proteases.

Protinhi Therapeutics

Transistorweg 5 (Building M)

6534 AT Nijmegen

The Netherlands


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