Since its establishment in May 2018, we have grown rapidly: for example, since the beginning of 2019 we have been the proud partner of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), the VO-Raad and PO-Raad. As a partner, we have been chosen as one of three preffered suppliers for the provision of Data Protection Officer (FG) as a service to PO and VO institutions. We are very proud of this.

With our practical and pragmatic approach, we ensure that you continue to comply with the strict privacy regulations. In this way, we can prevent high fines or reputational damage to your company/organisation as a result of privacy breaches. In short, our services add value to your organisation.

Cyber risks
Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on internal and external information systems. These systems are increasingly connected to multiple systems and make use of databases from different parties. In this increasingly complex ‘digital world’, internal and external stakeholders require more transparency about the management of cyber risks in your organisation. Directors must be able to answer to investors, supervisors and internal bodies about the policy on cyber security.

It is imperative that your organisation is well prepared to defend itself against external attacks by hackers and other malicious parties. Measures against, for example, theft of company information by own employees, volunteers and interns can prevent many loyalty dilemmas and irreparable mistakes.

Organisations are faced with cyber security incidents every day. These incidents occur at both large and small organisations in all sectors. These cyber attacks can have far-reaching economic consequences for organisations, including yours. You can think of financial, legal or reputation-related consequences. As these attacks increase, the importance of cyber risk management becomes one of the biggest risks for your investors and executives. This attracts the attention of internal and external regulators, such as the auditors, privacy regulator or specific supervisors in your sector. Demonstrably managing the cyber risks within your organisation is becoming increasingly important in order to gain the trust of customers, employees and regulators.

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