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Novioscan’s first product is the Noviomini Bladder Monitor. The Noviomini tracks bladder filling and alarms patient or caregiver when the bladder is nearly full. The Bladder Monitor supports patients with a neurogenic bladder or those who have difficulty recognizing a full bladder, such as children who are not potty trained yet, paraplegia patients, and elderly with incontinence problems. The Noviomini will be available in 2017.

To make the next generation of wearable ultrasound sensors Novioscan is developing the Ultrasound-on-a-Chip. The Ultrasound-on-a-chip platform technology can miniaturize sensors to great extent which opens up new opportunities for innovative digital health solutions.


Transistorweg 5 (Building M)

6534 AT Nijmegen

The Netherlands


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