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moveUP develops digital therapy solutions to optimise surgery outcomes. Our solutions combine daily patient data with recovery protocols to enable remote rehabilitation. Patients feel empowered at home with a support package tailored to their individual progress. 

Remote rehabilitation solution for hip and knee replacement pathways

moveUP’s solution for orthopaedic surgery pathways is the most advanced from our product line. With the help of moveUP, patients receive remote care before and after an orthopaedic surgery. 

The solution combines patient feedback recorded by a wearable activity tracker and questionnaires which patients receive via their app. Patients benefit immediately from providing these data as they form the basis of the personalised treatment plan they receive. For example, via the app patients receive a personalised exercise plans each morning. Clinicians’ benefits of using moveUP include being able to stay in full control of their out-patients at any given moment. 

Ongoing digital therapy development

moveUP continues to develop digital therapeutics for other surgery pathways. Currently, a remote care plan to optimise the outcomes of weight loss surgery is being tested. In close collaboration with other parties, custom therapies to provide remote care are in development.

Full support for continuous feedback loop

All of moveUP’s digital therapies are based on a continuous feedback loop. Using smart technologies patient data are collected on a daily basis. These data are assessed by patients’ own care team. The cloud-based medical platform supports patient data assessment and generates care plans. Via the user-friendly app, patients receive daily care in the form of personalised rehabilitation plans in text and video. Additionally, patients can directly communicate with their care team and receive valuable advice via the moveUP app. This is how moveUP fosters a close relationship between out-patients and their healthcare providers.


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