Enzyre (founded in 2016) develops innovative diagnostic devices facilitating personalized medicine. Our mission is to improve quality of life of the patient whilst reducing healthcare costs by better diagnostics and disease management!

Enzyre believes that a prerequisite for personalized medicine is personalized diagnostics. We will enable personalized diagnostics by developing disposable biochips measuring, in one drop of blood, multiple parameters of specific interest to each patient group, with higher accuracy and at lower costs. Our initial biochip is tailored for hemophilia patients. Our second priority is a biochip for patients with blood coagulation disorders in an acute setting and thirdly we will focus on patients using anti-coagulants. In addition to blood coagulation our technology allows measurement of all types of enzymatic reactions, in a small volume with high accuracy and without the need of expensive equipment. For further inquiries, please contact us!


Transistorweg 5, Building M

6534 AT Nijmegen


+31 (0)6 28265405


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