Atro Medical

Wear and damage of the meniscus is an important cause of osteoarthritis in the knee, which causes joint pain and a reduction of mobility. Trammpolin™ has been developed for replacing the damaged meniscus with a minimally invasive surgical procedure and with that reducing the pain of the patient. An additional benefit would be that a total knee replacement can be postponed by several years. Trammpolin™, made of an elastic polymer, is the first total meniscus replacement in the world that has an anatomical shape.

Pre-clinical research, including mechanical tests and an animal study with goats, have been completed and have yielded promising results. At the moment, ATRO Medical is working hard on the transition to the clinic and the first implantation of a Trammpolin™ meniscus prosthesis in the patient is expected in 2020.

Atro Medical

Transistorweg 5 (Building M)

6534 AT Nijmegen

The Netherlands


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