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Guidelines // meetingrooms

Tenants of Novio Tech Campus can organize meetings and gatherings in the of various meetingrooms at the campus. Below you’ll find the guidelines for usage of Meet&Greet conference hall and rooms at Building A and M.

The Meet & Greet meeting rooms at Novio Tech Campus are located in two buildings:

  • Building M (ground floor): a conference room (0.31), one big meeting room (0.32) and two small meeting rooms (0.26 and 0.27)
  • Building A (1st floor): one big meeting room (1.13) and two small meeting rooms ( 1.15 and 1.16)

Briskr manages the Meet&Greet-rooms in cooperation with Kadans Science Partner BV (Kadans). Tenants of buildings A and M are allowed to use the conference room and meeting rooms in buildings A and M as stated in their contract with Kadans.

The following entails an overview of the rules that apply to all the meeting rooms at NTC.

Conference room (0.31)
The conferenceroom can be rented for meetings through Briskr. Briskr is in charge of the event planning and can indicate the availability of the room and (if available) book the room for you. Subsequently, Briskr will make up an invoice for the rent of the room and hosting of the meeting (catering, audiovisual support, decoration etc.). This applies to tenants of buildings A and M, as well as for external organizations.

Once a year, the tenants of buildings A and M can use the conference room (room 0.31) free of charge (no rent). However, the Briskr hosting (catering, audiovisual support, decoration etc.) will be charged and included in the invoice. Free use of the conference room is possible under the following conditions:

  • Only for own use of the tenants of buildings A and M
  • Not used for commercial purposes (judged by Briskr)
  • Maximum of 2 subsequent time slots (e.g. afternoon+evening)
  • Preferably, the event does not take place at lunch time (12.00 – 13.00)

During events the conference room will be closed for ongoing traffic. Tenants and guests that wish to go from the south tower to the north tower (and the other way around) will be asked to walk through the hallway alongside the lab spaces or via the terrace outside. This will be communicated to tenants of buildings A and M via a weekly e-mail.
For reservations please contact Marieke Snieder via email: or Phone: 06 46 85 12 78

When the conference room is not in use for meetings, the room is free to be used by tenants and guests of building A and M, for small meetings, (flex-)work and breaks.

Meeting rooms (0.26, 0.27, 0.32 in building M + 1.13, 1.15, 1.16 in building A)
Use for internal meetings Tenants of buildings A and M can use the meeting rooms at NTC free of charge for internal meetings and meetings with external parties, under the condition that the tenant is present for the entire meeting. The meeting rooms can be booked through the Kadans online booking system. The use of catering services of your own choice is permitted. When using the meeting rooms, please note the following:

  • Take care of welcoming and guiding your guests to the meeting room;
  • Used plates and silverware must be placed in the dishwasher and trash must be cleaned up;
  • Clean the tables;
  • Before leaving, the tables and chairs need to be put back in the original position.

Each room has instructions on the table to use the audiovisual support, and instructions on the wall to use the climate control & sun screens.
Use by external parties In case an external organization (no tenant in building A or M), approaches the tenant to use one of the meeting rooms, please refer them to Briskr. Briskr will discuss the needs/wishes and will draw up a quote for the rent + catering, if desired.

Cancelling reservations in the Kadans booking system Regularly, reserved meeting rooms are not used, while other tenants would have liked to use the room. Please cancel reservations through the Kadans online booking system, if you are not planning to use the room. If cancelling through the Kadans system is not possible (for instance on the same day), please ask the receptionist to cancel the reservation for you.

Large groups > 15 persons
When organizing a meeting at Novio Tech Campus for larger groups (15 persons or more), please inform Briskr. Briskr can arrange to temporarily open the gate at the parking place and the entrance door, to enable a smooth welcome for your guests. It also ensures that Briskr can keep a full overview of all planned events and can adjust the routing of your guests or those of other events, if needed.
The use of catering services of your own choice is permitted. If an extra cleaning moment is needed at your meeting, SMB will arrange this (cleaning costs will be charged). Please note it is your own responsibility to welcome and guide your guests to the meeting room and to the exit of the building afterwards.

// Please do not hesitate to contact Marieke Snieder, should you have any further questions.

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