Control of the bladder with ultrasound

The Novioscan wearable ultrasound bladder sensor is a perfect combination of Health and High Tech: a wearable ultra – sound sensor that measures the bladder content and notifies the user that it’s ‘toilet time’. It provides children with an effective solution to daytime urinary incontinence and intermittent catheterisation.

Around 5 percent of children in Europe and the US have incontinence problems that are serious enough to need professional help. Dr Pieter Dik, a paediatric urologist from Wilhelmina children’s hospital in Utrecht, often saw these children and came up with the idea of a bladder scanner. But how to make one? He found the answer when he met some NXP technicians. You can do it with ultrasound, something we are specialised in, he was told.

// The bladder sensor is a perfect combination of Health and High Tech

“The medical practitioners from Utrecht and the technicians from Nijmegen joined forces and founded Novioscan in 2014. Four years later, the first product was launched on the market: the SENS-U, a small sensor which can be worn on the lower abdominal region. It transmits ultrasound signals and uses the echo to track bladder filling. If this exceeds a pre-set maximum, the device will give a signal.”

With the Sens-U, the company is focusing on professionals like paediatric urologists, urologists, urotherapists and specialised nurses. The initial reactions have been very positive. The benefits are considerable: constant monitoring and warnings for urine incontinence, easy and invisible to wear and, what’s more, it saves on nappies and incontinence pads. Novioscan believes very strongly in the use of technology for medical applications. Medtec is booming at the moment. There’s so much happening and there are so many more possibilities. In this context, it’s very important for technicians and medical practitioners to know from each other what they want and what they are capable of doing. That’s why we’ve combined both groups of experts in our company and why they work very closely together. That’s our strength.

Novio Tech Campus a strong brand

Novioscan knows that innovation is not just a matter of discovering new things by yourself. “It’s also about sharing things with others. If you do that, it’ll pay off in the end. It’s important to broaden your horizon,” Novioscan emphasises. “People from entirely different areas of expertise need to look at your company and product as well.”


“The nice thing about Novio Tech Campus is that technology and health exist side by side here,” according to Novioscan. “That unexpected angle can be found just a couple of doors down from you. For example, we’re working together with Rhumbline Consultancy, who are located one floor below our office. They helped us set up a quality system for our ISO certification.” Besides all the practical benefits and services that Novio Tech Campus has to offer, Novioscan also attaches importance to its prestige. “The fact that our company is based here inspires confidence. This Health and High Tech campus is a strong brand. It really helps us in our contacts.”

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