Online & Content Creative (Junior)

Novio Tech Campus is on a mission: we are becoming a green, open and vibrant city campus, where a thriving community of innovators works on the technology and knowledge of tomorrow. We had a great start, and now we’re moving ahead rapidly! We are looking for people who want to join us in making this movement. Will you help us tell this story and would you like to be part of it yourself? Then read on about our wild plans and why we really need you as our junior online & content creative, for 24 hours a week. We love to hear from you!

Sneak peek// One of the projects you can start working on right away is the content production of our newsroom. Together with the brand manager, you will be the chief editor of this multimedia knowledge and content platform, the source of all stories from and about the campus. Depending on your skills and preferences, you will work as a designer, journalist or editor-in-chief.

The Job

Our campus team is relatively small (8 people), very dynamic and responsible for everything related to the development and organization of Novio Tech Campus. Think about branding the campus, attracting new companies, making the community and its activities visible and taking care of our future plans. In this role you will work on:

// Content: production and distribution of online content and campaigns that show what is happening on campus and share our impact with the world. You’ll work closely with our content agencies, but also write your own texts and edit photos and video.
// Online: taking our online presence to the next level. You keep the online channels up to date (website, socials, newsletters) and analyze the results in Google analytics and Meltwater.
// Community: With unique and strong content, and from there interaction, you ensure connection with and between the members of our community. You will ensure good communication with and about the companies and people on campus and set up ambassadorship with these community members.
// Campaigns: From social media campaigns to the production of a magazine; you are involved in the entire process, from concept and content to distribution and the follow-up.
// Events: Novio Tech Campus organizes workshops and networking events, but also large events for a broad audience, like our festival on September 8 and 9, 2022. With your expertise, you will have a key role in creating buzz, through content and online campaigns.

[A day in] The Life

You get out the door at home and take the train, car or bike to campus. Regardless of the way you’re travelling, the campus is easily accessible; we even have a train station on site! Once you have arrived, you first stop by the reception desk of one of the buildings to have a chat, this way you are up to date with the latest developments and happenings on campus. From there you walk to your flex spot at the office of the campus organization. Here you check in with your colleagues and start the day with a cup of your favorite coffee and a full mailbox.

The first meeting in your agenda is a meet-up with the brand manager: you update each other on the progress of your shortdoc series, share the interaction of our latest LinkedIn posts and check if you are in the right direction with your article. After that, an interview with a researcher at Radboud University is scheduled. You want to be there, so you grab one of the shared bikes and head in that direction.

After the interview you have no appointments at Novio Tech Campus, so you decide to continue working from the Radboud campus. You prepare the newsletter for the next day and come up with a campaign format to promote your new sports program. After a final call, you decide to go home a little earlier, because in the evening you are going to drop by a cool event about Artificial Intelligence in the city center of Nijmegen.

The Tools

You are a creative and energetic person, social and motivated to do meaningful work, for an organization that is both socially and economically involved. Furthermore, it is nice if you have some of the following skills, but also let your own talents, qualities and mindset be leading on your decision of whether or not apply for the job!

  • Completed education in the direction of marketing, communication, journalism or multimedia design.
  • Sense of and knowledgeable about the latest developments in online and social media. And at home in the world of online marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, WordPress and Google Analytics.
  • Textually strong, experience with writing and editing texts (plus).
  • Affinity with design/editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, inDesign and Premiere (preferred).
  • You have a good command of Dutch and English, both verbally and in writing.

The Offer

As an employee of Novio Tech Campus you work in a flexible environment, with a competitive salary, growth potential and training opportunities. You will expand your network to both companies and governments. You will be part of a fun team that is fully committed to making Novio Tech Campus the city campus of the future! Furthermore we offer:

  • A pension plan through Zwitserleven;
  • 26 days of vacation (with the possibility to buy additional days);
  • Hybrid work; you decide when you work from the campus, at home, or any other place;
  • The necessary equipment: laptop, telephone and editing software;
  • And of course you can participate in all the sports & fun activities on campus!

Get in touch!

Hopefully you are as enthusiastic as we are and want to join us in this development! If so, please respond by sending your CV and motivation to And please call or app me with your questions at 06 396 376 96.

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