Start at the End: Thinking Commercial during Discovery and Development

As early as discovery and throughout development, entrepreneurs and startups would do well to keep their end-goal in mind.

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Briskr: How to attract venture capital investment for your Health/High Tech innovation?

Great ideas are important but not enough to create a sustainable businesses. Building a company needs a lot of effort from the right talents.

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// Health tech in the move

INNOVATE // Rikus Wolbers

During the Innovate Meetup, Rikus elaborated on Novio Tech Campus. About the campus as a unique open innovation environment and the Nijmegen offer to innovators in Health and High Tech.

RTL Z // Nexperia

Nexperia is a global player in the area of discrete, logic and MOSFET-components. They produce around 100 billion a year. RTL Z came to Nijmegen to talk to them.

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