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Recordings: HVTV #2 – rather prevention than cure

During this live broadcast, from the Health Valley studio, presenter Suzanne Verheijden challenged several table guests to give their opinion on Prevention. Is prevention better than cure? A topical theme that many people are working on around the turn of the year. What actually happens in the field of prevention? What do researchers and health insurers say about this? How is our health reflected in our brain? And what tools and services are being developed or marketed in the field of prevention?

HVTV, the ‘coffee machine conversations’ we’ve all been missing so much, brought to you at home!


Pim Assendelft: Professor of Family Medicine and Trigger Research Prevention Collaborative Radboudumc
Suzanne van Pelt and Leonard Hofstra: Owners Smart Vital
Jedidja Verboom: Project Manager Prevention Menzis and expert on the content of the project Healthy Brain

>> The next HVTV episode will be at January 27th, regardig the effects of explosive growth of digitalisation in healthcare.

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