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RECORDING: webinar Growing your company fast en stress free

So how can you do this in an as stress-free possible way, making sure you see the bumps in the road before they appear and tackling them before they become an issue? 


Last week (23 June 2020), Briskr organized a webinar on how to grow your company fast and stress free.


Check out the recording of the webinar here.




Lizanne Jakobs shows you in this webinar how to tackle all of this in a proactive way that fits you personally and the stage your company is at. All it takes is a clear goal and 6 simple steps that even work in these unusual times. Taking care of yourself and your own work, your company’s financial position, your clients, the people in and around your business, your processes and your product/market combination.


She was named a top 50 consultant in the UK by Enterprise Nation and is a keynote speaker with Assemblee Speakers. Lizanne is the founder of Brilliant Work, which was named the best coaching and consultancy company for small to medium sizes enterprises in the Netherlands by Corporate Vision magazine. Accredited by both the UK and Dutch governments as well as the province of Gelderland to help SME’s grow through subsidised coaching, she is an experienced, pragmatic and energetic speaker and business coach.


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