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Regional think tank supports companies with bundled RF expertise

Radio frequency (RF) technology

We use it daily, sometimes even several times a day, without thinking about it. Calling with your smartphone, warming up food in the microwave, a self-driving car that hits the breaks when another car approaches. RF technology plays a crucial role in all of these daily activities. And soon perhaps also in your organisation.


RF technology could improve processes within your company because it has a number of specific properties. For example, heating, drying, sterilizing, thawing, measuring, transporting image and sound information, lighting and even a chemical property to treat surfaces with. A very special technology that we would like to bring to your attention because you might have been walking around with a good idea for some time but lack the knowledge of this technology to assess whether it is actually feasible.


RF Think Tank


Oost NL, Novio Tech Campus and High Tech NL, therefore, join forces and launch the ‘RF-Think Tank’. The RF-Think Tank is part of the Interreg program ‘ROCKET Reloaded’, and aims at making the possibilities of this technology visible to other industries. In this think tank, experienced RF specialists combine their knowledge to answer your questions, evaluate ideas and even initiate them. An opportunity to be at the forefront of RF innovations and apply them for the benefit of your business.


With the idea to help companies to develop further, “RF Think Tank” is started. This “RF Think Tank” is a panel with experienced RF specialists to help you. This pool of knowledge will help you to answer your questions, rate your ideas, or even initiate plans with you!


Curious about the Think Tank or questions about the possibilities of RF technology for your organization?

Please contact Ian de Graaff (Oost NL; 06-48623188 or mail) or Richard Visser (High Tech NL; 06-13926194 or mail. And let’s meet soon in the RF-Think Tank!



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