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Join: Global Scale-up Program 2020

The Global Scale-up Program 2020 will introduce you to key stakeholders in California and Arizona. You can pitch your venture and meet experts to prepare your company for US regulatory pathway, reimbursement & US hospital purchasing strategy. The program includes digital networking. Please note: there are very limited seats available, deadline for signing up is on October 14th.


The program offers you the selected webinars:
– US Business Strategy

– US KOL Strategy
– US Value Creation Roadmap
– Raising US Investor Capital
– US Reimbursement Strategy
– US Regulatory Strategy


Program in short

Day 1 – 23 November | Arizona
4:30 – 8:00PM
Pitching and networking, Phoenix LS&H Ecosystem
Webinar US KOL Strategy


Day 2 – 24 November | California
4:00 – 8:30PM
Pitching and networking, California LS&H Ecosystem
Webinar US Value Creation Roadmap & Webinar Raising US Investor Capital


Day 3 – 25 November | Arizona
4:20 – 7:45PM
Pitching and networking, Californian LS&H Ecosystem
Webinar US Reimbursement Strategy & US Regulatory Strategy
Program with Mayo Clinic.


Participation fee

Join the full program (including preparation, tailormade mentoring and pitch): € 400,- per company (ex. VAT)


As a (GSP) Alumni join us for the webinars of Mayo Clinic, reimbursment strategy, KOL strategy and our digital matching & networking: € 150,00 per GSP alumni (ex. VAT)


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