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Investor Readiness Program by OostNL

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What do we do?

We will work with you on your business case and teach you how financiers and investors view it. You can expect honest feedback from us on your plans and on the activities you are currently carrying out to realize those plans.


In addition, you will get a complete picture of the possibilities that early phase financing sources offer. Together with your Oost NL supervisor and the other entrepreneurs in the program, you will work for ten weeks to collect the correct information you need to draw up promising financing or investment application. In addition, we also give you the tools to present this in a good way.


In plenary sessions, you work on all building blocks of your business plan. We coach you on:

> Market validation;
> Protection of intellectual property (IP);
> Team;
> Value proposition;
> Business model; and
> Financing strategy.


In plenary sessions, you will receive direct feedback from the other participants, but also from your supervisor and from our financial and knowledge partners who are closely involved in the program.

This way you prepare yourself in ten weeks for a promising financing application.


What can you expect from us?

> A permanent supervisor who intensively guides you for 10 weeks in the process towards an optimal business case
> Break out sessions in which you work with the feedback from other participants and work on the building blocks of your business plan (market validation, team, business case, finances);
> Plenary meetings with all participants, mentors and involved (financial) knowledge partners from our network
> Expertise and honesty about your business case


What does it yield?

> Your first IP strategy that you developed together with the Netherlands Patent Office
> Legal scan with which the risks of the company structure and business case are identified
> Team analysis; this gives you insight into the qualities of your core team and any points for improvement
> A practical, concrete and investor-ready business plan, as the basis for a financing application


What do we expect from you?

> You are an innovative startup with growth potential from Gelderland or Overijssel and active in one of our top sectors
> Time; take into account an intensive process of 10 weeks. We expect you to spend 20-40 hours per week on the program during the first weeks of the program;
> Commitment; together with your mentor you will work to collect the correct information that is necessary for a promising financing application
> Openness and enthusiasm


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