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AI for Life: Computational pathology

The subject of this broadcast is computational pathology. Artificial Intelligence to support the radiologist has of course been around for a long time and is starting to be introduced more and more into daily operational processes. Think of software for scanning and analysing lung scans to detect cancer. But the use of AI in pathology has some additional challenges. For instance, pathologists are not always used to a digital workflow yet, and they use a microscope more often than smart software. In addition, the costs of implementing a digital workflow are high. Yet AI offers great opportunities to improve the quality of tissue research and make the process more efficient. The speakers in this podcast aim to make great strides in implementing and supporting the digital workflow for pathologists in the coming years.

We do so with:

– Katrien Grundberg, head pathology department Radboudumc;
– Jeroen van der Laak, researcher computational pathology at Radboudumc
– and Patrick de Boer, co-founder of patholyt, a start-up based on knowledge developed at Radboudumc.

Listen the podcast.

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