Meet the team

The main team of Novio Tech Campus consists of three people. In addition to that, there are several faces that you will see often around our campus. On this page we’ll introduce our team.

Rikus Wolbers, Novio Tech Campus director

Rikus is responsible for the wellbeing and development of Novio Tech Campus. This includes account-management and acquisition of new companies. He has been director since the start of Novio Tech Campus in 2013. Usually Rikus is on our site from Tuesday till Friday. You can reach him by e-mail or call him on +31 (0) 6 288 760 81

Marlou de Bruin, office manager Novio Tech Campus

Marlou has worked for Novio Tech Campus since January 2016. She supports Rikus Wolbers, handles everything concerning the office, helps profiling the campus and organizes various activities and expo visits. You can reach Marlou via e-mail or by phone: +31 (0) 6 385 945 33.

Andrea van Gaal, receptionist Building M and A

Andrea van Gaal started in December 2016 as hospitality assistant at Novio Tech Campus. Service is always highly valuated by Andrea. She feels it’s important that people feel welcome and feel at home. As a hospitality assistant, Andrea is the first point of contact for the users of Building M and Building A. She is available from 8 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays.Do you have questions? Contact directly by phone: +31 (0)24 – 212 02 17 or e-mail

Pim van Os, commercial manager Kadans Science Partner

Pim is the driving force behind acquiring new tenants at Novio Tech Campus. If you are interested in renting office space, a cleanroom or other kinds of spaces on Novio Tech Campus, you can contact Pim +31 (0) 6 463 582 15 or e-mail.

Johan Kluitmans, business developer Novio Tech Campus

Johan has over 30 years experience in the semiconductor industry. He focusses on the acquisition of high tech parties for Novio Tech Campus and strengthening the local high tech community. You can reach Johan by e-mail.