Knowledge, entrepreneurship and innovation come together at Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. From Philips semiconductor production site, to Health and High Tech hotspot of the Netherlands. Explore us.

The campus

// Where Innovation Works

Based in Health Valley, with High Tech running through our DNA. At Novio Tech Campus open innovation between researchers and entrepreneurs in Health and High Tech leads to growth, making the campus an innovative hotspot of products and services for a better, healthier world. From a preventive malaria-drug, to a new generation of chips. It’s happening at Novio Tech Campus. 

Focus areas

// flourishing ecosystem for Health and High Tech

High Tech in Health.

Largest semiconductor plant of Europe.

Improving Health through digital technologies.

Smarter, faster, stronger. A new generation of chips.

Discovering and developing drugs and medicine.


From 5g to heating pizza in the microwave.


// 75 and counting

Novio Tech Campus is growing! In less than seven years Novio Tech Campus has provided housing for over 75 companies, employing more than 3,400 people. We focus on Health and High Tech, and service companies directly related to these industries. Discover them here.

Health & High Tech

// Nijmegen

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