The power of a solid business case and an activated network

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Do you want a better understanding how entering a public-private partnership can work for your business? Would you benefit from deepening and refining your business case? Do you need to gain a clearer view of the best available SME targeted grants and financing programs? On Thursday 9 June Catalyze will give a detailed workshop aimed towards guiding startups/SMEs towards the most applicable financing opportunities, establishing a clear, complete business case, and providing expertise on entering public-private partnerships.


In this workshop we will cover:

The SME Funding landscape- focusing on SME targeted grants & financing programs

(SME) companies in public-private-partnerships- the dos and don’ts

Deepening your business case, focusing on:

  • How to phrase your value proposition and/or unique selling points
  • Targeted customers & market segmentation – who are they and how do I segment (if at all needed)?
  • Financing need – which type of finance suits your development phase?


Patricia Celie: Principal Consultant Catalyze. Patricia has over 10 years of experience as consultant in innovation, aiming to bring good ideas into reality. She has a strong interest and track record in (innovation) business cases and strategy. Patricia has already enabled several companies to win multi-million SME targeted grants, which has allowed them to bring their products to market launch, out-license or late-phase clinical trials.

Rosalie Witjas: Managing Consultant Catalyze. Rosalie is a senior consultant with over 8 years management consulting experience in the corporate environment of PwC and with her own company. Currently, she is heading the PPP team at Catalyze. She has a strong track record in the establishment of large collaborative networks and securing required funding. She envisions optimal process management and communication as keys to successful stakeholder management.

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