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Since 1992, Lab Services has been integrating and developing innovative systems to automate standardized processes in laboratories. For this integration, we are brand independent and we use our own software, PlateButler®! Herewith we provide a unique and advanced solution for laboratory automation. Together with our customers we look for the best possible solution that fits the client’s application!

Lab Services is, besides being an integrator of complete modular platforms and ultra-high throughput systems, also a supplier of a wide range of innovative tools such as pipettes, washers, dispensers, readers, and incubators.

For Lab Services, the various trade fairs are usually excellent moments to meet, inform and inspire you. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, these events will hardly take place this year.

However, we truly value personal interaction, while of course complying with all RIVM guidelines. As we cannot welcome you at our booth this year, we will come to you instead! Lab Services has organized a Road Show to visit you with our stand-alone equipment from, amongst others, LVL Technologies, Analytik Jena and Biospec. By means of demos and extensive explanations, you and your colleagues will become acquainted with the possibilities and solutions that make your daily work easier, more flexible and more user-friendly.

We would like to welcome you on Thursday September 2nd in the Meet & Greet room on the NovioTech Campus.

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