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Tune in during the next Innovate Meetup on June 30th, about: How the creative industry is making the world more sustainable.

Worldwide, we waste and burn an awful lot of materials, and the climate issue has become a race against time. But there is a movement going on within the creative manufacturing industry. More and more designers are turning away from mass consumption, fast fashion and the “race to the bottom”. They realise that we, as people, are part of a greater natural whole. This realisation provides inspiration for a renewed, sustainable society in which crafts, natural materials and circular processes have the necessary impact.

Get inspired by the speakers, ask them your question live and meet other guests during this INNOVATE Meetup!

Sspeakers are:

– Richard van der Laken (What Design Can Do)

– Addy de Boer (Nexit Architects)

– Floris Schoonderbeek (Weltevree, Studio Floris Schoonderbeek)

– Sjaak Hullekes (Hul le Kes)

– Martijn Kruisweg (Plantics)

More information and free registration.

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