HVTV part 5: Will smart logistics bring our care home in the future?

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From the one and only Health Valley studio, host Suzanne Verheijden will once again challenge various guests. This time we’ll be talking about how the logistics sector will change the future of healthcare. Because over 70-80% of the care processes are logistic processes. Care is becoming more and more personal, and so are the logistical processes surrounding a patient. But why is it important to separate care tasks from logistics within a healthcare organization? How can a drone optimize flows to and from a hospital? And are we, as patients, really waiting for this?

In the broadcast Suzanne talks to, among others:

  • PostNL
  • KPN
  • Isala Hospital
  • The University of Arnhem and Nijmegen

HVTV, the fun coffee machine conversations, just at home!

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