HVTV 6: What will the healthcare provider of the future look like?

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From the one and only Health Valley studio, presenter Suzanne Verheijden challenges various guests again. This time they’ll be talking about the healthcare provider of the future. The health care sector is preparing itself for major changes. The first major movement is the ever-increasing pressure on professionals in primary care. The other movement is the increasing use of technology in healthcare. But how is the new generation of healthcare professionals being prepared for the future in healthcare? How do they learn to deal with new technology in care and welfare? And what are the care professions of the future?

In the broadcast Suzanne talks to our partners:

  • Vincent van Gogh GGZ: Fieke van Casteren Director PSYLAB & Rianne Derks, HR advisor
  • HAN IXperium Health: Maurice Magnée, Programme Manager
  • Saxion: Jan Jukema, Lecturer nursing academy health care
  • Employers’ Association for Care and Welfare (WZW)
  • Philips: Martijn van Mourik, Technical Physician/Clinical Technologist

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