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Why act people the way they do? Food can affect your decision to buy a new car and sitting influences stress. The brain plays a major role in these types of questions. The more we know about the brain, the more we know about our the way we work in daily life.

Discovering the brain

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The Healthy Brain study at the Radboud campus is part of the Healthy Brain initiative. The study aims at monitoring and testing 1,000 thirty to forty-year-old volunteers from Nijmegen and surroundings. The Healthy Brain Study investigates which social, biological and environmental factors influence the brain.

The results are used in conducting new studies to resolve social issues. Involving questions like: How can I identify and prevent an upcoming burnout? With this new knowledge, the Healthy Brain initiative hopes to learn how people can become happier, fitter, more self-reliant and more productive. They also aim to contribute to a more sustainable and affordable healthcare system and to develop knowledge and innovative products.

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The Nijmegen region is one of the hotspots for Healthy Brain research and development. The Healthy Brain Initiative reaches out to anyone who is interested in achieving their dream. Everyone is invited to connect and to contribute!

Healthy Brain Initiative

The Radboud University, the Radboudumc and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics have chosen “Healthy Brain” as their collaborative research theme. Within this Healthy Brain initiative we are establishing a large cohort study that will strengthen existing and engage new collaborations around the Healthy Brain theme. The cohort study is called the ‘Healthy Brain Study’.

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A unique leap forward

The goal of the Healthy Brain Study is to make a unique leap forward in understanding the human brain within the context it lives in. They will create a resource that considers for the first time the brain’s integrationindividuality and dynamics. The subjects included are deeply and dynamically phenotyped across an entire year in all relevant cognitive, affective, behavioral and social domains, using questionnaires, laboratory experiments, and repeated measures such as experience sampling with and without wearables, against a background of diverse neural and biological data. The resource will be available to all researchers from Radboud campus and later on, to researchers from all over the world.

By using a team science approach, we will create multidisciplinary collaborations between researchers with diverse academic expertise on Radboud campus and/or public or private institutions, which aims at grant proposals for further team science research of the human brain and beyond.


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