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Mini-Circuits is the world’s preferred supplier for RF, microwave and mmWave components, subsystems and test solutions.

Mini-Circuits makes the building blocks that shape the wireless world. From communications networks and critical national security systems to life-saving diagnostic imaging, quantum computing and much more, we support the world’s most innovative companies in building a faster, smarter, more connected future with the power of RF, microwave and millimeter wave technology.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with design, manufacturing and sales locations in 30+ countries, we’re a diverse, rapid-growth corporation that hasn’t outgrown what it means to treat our team members, customers, suppliers and partners like family. 20,000+ customers prefer Mini-Circuits for the demanding quality standards, design and manufacturing capability, sales and applications support, and supply chain stability that have earned the industry’s trust since 1968.

Mini Circuits

Transistorweg 7 (building A)

6534 AT Nijmegen




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