Building business on innovations is not a solo exercise. Every company needs their network and partners, especially if they are still young. Be part of the Novio Tech Campus Ecosystem.


Discover the High Tech ecosystem here!

In 2017 Novio Tech Campus and partners started Briskr, Health & High Tech generator. Briskr is the regional stimulation program for Health & High Tech. It offers an overall package of support and services to start-ups, scale-ups and grown-ups. These services include masterclasses, workshops, individual coaching and support on all relevant business topics. Briskr also offers access to knowledge and research facilities within the Radboud University and the Radboud Academic Medical Centre.


Through her partners, Briskr can also help to find funding for your enterprise. And last but not least, Briskr promotes the region and her companies nationally and internationally, in order to create more cross border collaboration, find potential markets and increase inward and outbound investments.


Briskr is a consortium containing all relevant partners of the ecosystem in the region. Its goal is to improve the support for companies and institutions by aligning and strengthening their activities.

Innovate faster together!

Share knowledge for growth: that is the fundamental idea behind Novio Tech Campus. Open collaboration and joint initiatives are the keys to innovation. Companies help one another and share knowledge on the campus, to gain and develop ideas. The dynamics, the collaboration and the activities within the Health & High Tech Region serves as a catalyst, as an inspiration and as an organisational framework.

Integrate into the ecosystem

Innovation processes can be complex. The Health & High Tech Region offers the perfect climate for companies who want to innovate or grow their products, processes or services. Each company, product or initiative will achieve synergy in a different manner, but being embedded in the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and researchers in Life Sciences, Health and High Tech enables companies to flourish and receive support, helping them to go from idea to success.


Within that ecosystem, Novio Tech Campus provides stimulation, a physical base and facilities for manufacturing and development. Within the network, including knowledge partners such as Radboud University, Radboudumc and HAN, the campus forms a major intersection for cross-sector innovation.


Collaboration with science and business
There is plenty of activity around both the Radboud University, the Radboud Academic Medical Centre and the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Countless spin-offs and commercial initiatives have originated within their research departments, stimulated by innovation and valorisation policies. Today’s students are learning that knowledge and ideas flourish when all the necessary building blocks are in place: facilities, entrepreneurship, business management skills and financing. And companies know that innovations gain new impetus through close cooperation with science.


Meetings and gatherings in the Meet & Greet
The ground floor in Building M on Novio Tech Campus houses a flexible meeting area which can host gatherings of up to approx. 200 people. Additionally, it features three rooms which are suitable for meetings or training courses. All of the rooms are fully equipped with monitors and free Wi-Fi. The large meeting area standardly includes a projector, projection screen and an audio system. Moreover through Briskr, the Meet & Greet rooms, offer tailor-made catering options in collaboration with external caterers.